Coach growth opportunities

  • Earn Level I, II, & III Certifications
  • Youth, High School, College

steps to be a coach

  1. Complete the Form Below to notify Nebraska Lacrosse
  2. Obtain a USA Lacrosse Membership
  3. A Lacrosse Mentor will contact you to discuss resources, onboarding, and opportunities. 
  4. Once a member, add the role of,” Coach,” to your membership to automatically be enrolled in the training.
  5. Complete background screening & Online Abuse Prevention Course. Both are free and provided by USA Lacrosse for coach members. Further directions will come to you via email. Must have this completed to be an active coach.
  6. Obtain Bronze Level Certification.
  7. Learn more about the process at
  8. Any other questions, email:

become a Nebraska lacrosse coach

how to coach the game

What is 6v6 Team?

We need more coaches & Teams #growNELAX

  • 6 School Districts

Boys & Mens Rules

Girls & Womens Rules

Coach certification guide